Joeffice - The community

Joeffice is an open source office suite written in Java

How can you contribute to Joeffice:

Code contribution

Are you a developer and would like to improve this project, here are the clues:
  1. Install NetBeans 7.3 or higher.
  2. Checkout the project from Bitbucket (Menu -> Team -> Mercurial -> Clone Other ->
  3. Contribute to one of the library that Joeffice is using: Apache-POI, The NetBeans Platform, H2, Batik, SwingX
  4. There is an Individual Contributor License Agreement (here) to sign.
  5. Joeffice is based on the NetBeans platform. If you don't know the NetBeans platform, read the documentation or the crash course.
  6. Code convention for Joeffice are the following:
  7. Here are a few suggestions to what could be improved (in preference order): The most up to date version is on the Joeffice bitbucket wiki page.
  8. For translation in other languages, please wait for the Beta stage of Joeffice to do it.
    Contact me if you want to propose yourself for a specific language.